Advocates for cryptocurrencies ask when the US would establish a bitcoin reserve

February 23, 2024

By Anjali Kochhar

The notion of Bitcoin potentially becoming a partial reserve currency for the U.S. has ignited a vibrant discussion among financial experts and cryptocurrency enthusiasts.

According to a recent discussion, Roundtable anchor Rob Nelson initiated this topic with Fred Thiel, CEO of Marathon Digital Holding, and Aaron Arnold, founder and host of “Altcoin Daily.” Both guests contributed their insights into the future role of Bitcoin within the U.S. financial system and its potential global impact.

Thiel pointed out the U.S. government’s existing Bitcoin holdings, obtained through confiscation linked to criminal activities. He indicated ongoing discussions within financial circles regarding the possibility of the U.S. diversifying its treasury assets to include Bitcoin. Thiel viewed this potential move as an experimental endeavor to gauge Bitcoin’s value and performance in the long run. According to him, although Bitcoin may not immediately challenge the dominance of the U.S. dollar, its adoption by other countries as part of their reserve currencies could be a realistic future scenario.

Arnold, however, conveyed optimism regarding Bitcoin’s potential adoption as a partial reserve currency, not only within the U.S. but also globally. Highlighting Bitcoin’s attributes like neutrality, global accessibility, and resistance to censorship, Arnold argued that the cryptocurrency expanding network effect renders it an increasingly logical option for governments and financial institutions seeking to adapt to digital trends.

This conversation highlights the shifting perspective on Bitcoin, moving from being viewed solely as a speculative asset to potentially becoming a stabilizing force in the global financial framework. As countries navigate digital transformations and seek more inclusive financial systems, Bitcoin’s distinctive features could provide significant advantages over conventional currencies and assets.

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Anjali Kochhar covers cryptocurrency stories in India as well as globally. Having been in the field of media and journalism for over three years now, she has developed a sharp news sense and works hard to present information that goes beyond the obvious. She is an avid reader and loves writing on a wide range of subjects.

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