Aegis Trust & Custody Joins Hands with FORMS HK, Hi Sun Tech, and Infocast to establish the Digital Asset Service Hub (DASH) and Consortium for Banks in Hong Kong

January 22, 2024

By Tsering Namgyal

Aegis Trust & Custody, a virtual asset custody that provides regulated custody services for Real World Asset Tokenization and cryptocurrency in the United States and Hong Kong, announced the establishment of the Digital Asset Service Hub (DASH) and Consortium with the support of Syndicate Capital Grou.  Being part of the DASH & Consortium projects, Aegis Custody is co-creating the Reference Operation Demo Labs in Cyberport Hong Kong as a show-case for the banking and financial sector.

Aegis Custody also announced a strategic partnership with Forms Syntron Information (HK) Ltd, fully owned subsidiary of FORMS SYNTRON (300468.SZ)), Infocast Limited (“Infocast”), and Hi Sun Technology (China) Ltd.

From the technical side, Aegis Custody, in collaboration with FORMS HK and Infocast, built the Custody+ Lab with their technical know-how and clients in both the traditional banking and Web3 spaces. This groundbreaking project aims to support banks in becoming “Virtual Asset Ready” by providing a foundational step. The collaboration covers technology, business operating readiness, and integration with the evolving landscape of tokenized securities, stablecoins, and Central Bank Digital Currency (“CBDC”) within the territory.

The Custody+ Lab focuses on virtual asset custody for cryptocurrencies, tokenized securities, stablecoins, and CBDC. The project’s goal is to enhance the technological and operational preparedness of businesses navigating the complex realm of digital assets in Hong Kong. Aegis Custody brings extensive expertise in custody, operational and compliance frameworks, and core technology, while FORMS HK and Infocast contribute its experience in local development, integration with banking systems, and delivering a superior digital experience.

The collaboration is set to revolutionize the approach to custody opportunities, compliance, and core technology in the banking sector. By strategically combining Aegis Custody’s robust digital asset custody and compliance infrastructure with FORMS HK and Infocast’s innovative local development and user-centric digital solutions, the partnership aims to create a comprehensive, secure, and user-friendly platform. The executives expressed confidence in the role of CBDC in shaping the future-ready platform.

This collaboration goes beyond technological integration, envisioning a secure, efficient, and forward-thinking ecosystem for all stakeholders in Hong Kong’s financial landscape. This emphasizes the transformative potential of the partnership, expressing dedication to delivering innovative solutions, driving ecosystem engagement, and fostering a new standard of excellence for banks in the city. Together they believe this Web3 proof of concept will have a positive impact on the Hong Kong financial market and beyond.

Serra Wei, Founder and CEO of Aegis Trust and Custody said, by making the announcement “we stand on the threshold of a new era as our vision of traditional financial institutions adopting virtual assets powered by Aegis infrastructure transforms into reality through our strategic partnership with 3 leading banking solution providers. We are excited about the potential of our collaboration and are dedicated to ensuring that these partnerships will deliver innovative solutions and foster the Hong Kong Fintech industry.”

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