Fellowship to launch Gregory Crewdson’s NFT Photography Auction

August 11, 2022

By Murtuza Merchant

Fellowship, one of the newest NFT photography marketplaces, has launched a recent auction sequel.

On August 2, the group made public 3 pieces of famous American photographer Gregory Crewdson’s work.

This is the first chapter of a sequel about a weekly auction.

Guy Bourdin, Pieter Hugo, Laurie Simmons, and other upcoming photographers will all have captions written for their work.

As of this month, fans of Gregory Crewdson can purchase his pieces of art as NFTs through Fellowship.

In a different virtual show, the startup is auctioning off three renowned pictures. Examples of the available artworks are:

Untitled, from the “Dream House” series (2002);

Woman in Bathroom, from the “Cathedral of the Pines” sequel (2013);

Redemption Center from the “An Eclipse of Moths” sequel (2019).

Each piece of art uses Gregory Crewdson’s distinctive style, which was inspired by the struggling little American communities.

The Oscar-winning actress Tilda Swinton is named in the “Untitled” artwork’s description.

The images portray various facets of the typical American living and are both beautiful and common.

For one week, collectors may view Gregory Crewdson’s NFT works.

Fellowship will thereafter focus on a recent artist and often attend NFT photography auctions.

Guy Bourdin, Pieter Hugo, Hank Willis Thomas, and Joel Sternfeld will be the upcoming photographers.

Mitch Epstein, Laurie Simmons, and Katy Grannan are also on the agenda.

A part of Fellowship’s idea for approving photographers in the Web3 age is this assumption. By focusing on their artworks each week, the producers want to support several brilliant artists.

Amy Woodward, Summer Wagner, and Todd Hido have already profited from Fellowship by having their writings published on the blockchain.

NFT Photography Fellowship Launch Auction with Gregory Crewdson and more

Fellowship, one of the most recent NFT photography markets, has just started a new auction series.

On August 2nd, the collective unveiled three pieces of famous American photographer Gregory Crewdson’s work.

This is the first of a weekly series of auctions. Guy Bourdin, Pieter Hugo, Laurie Simmons, among other up-and-coming photographers, will be highlighted.

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