Forbes Announces a Collaboration With The Sandbox for a Metaverse Event

November 17, 2022

By Murtuza Merchant

Forbes subscribers can access a metaverse event that the famous American business magazine publisher has built in The Sandbox starting November 10.

The unique gathering is a members-only event that takes place over several levels in a special Sandbox metaverse environment.

The event also honors the company’s incredible past and has quests, a DJ booth, fake billionaires, and a bar. Let’s examine the occasion and the manner in which Forbes is presenting web3 to its audience.

Forbes and The Sandbox collaborate for a metaverse event

The most recent major corporation to enter the metaverse and introduce web3 to its clients is Forbes.

Numerous quests, events, and other things are available inside the event. Additionally, there are undiscovered features like a pool and the Forbes Highlander Yacht! Attendees at the Forbes metaverse event can also buy a distinctive wearable NFT.

“We constantly strive to add value for our members and offer them interesting, distinctive, and fun experiences from the real world, Web2, and Web3,” according to Vadim Supitskiy, Forbes’ Chief Technology Officer.

“We envisage this area as a location where our community will gather, create new connections, learn, uncover new ideas, entertain, and have fun,” he added.

The occasion is replete with recognizable elements of the Forbes brand. Additionally, it shows its clients the enormous potential of Web 3.

The event is initially only open to Forbes members, but ultimately everyone will be able to attend.

NFT gallery and more will be available at the occasion

The Forbes metaverse event included a sizable NFT gallery.

This will display a number of virtual NFT billionaires. At the metaverse event, attendees can also take part in trivia and socialize with other Forbes members.

About the author

Murtuza Merchant is a senior journalist and an avid follower of NFT, cryptocurrencies and blockchain.

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