How to Promote Your NFTs

October 20, 2022

By Murtuza Merchant

Making your own NFT in order to sell them is simple, however, surprisingly, it is not just possible for digital artists.

An NFT can be made and published by anybody.

Yet, why are very few people able to do it?

There is very little possibility that someone will discover your NFT organically because the NFT market is becoming oversaturated.

Why, therefore, would they want to purchase it even if they did discover it?

It is now your responsibility to ensure that people are interested in the materials you produced.

Fill up the NFT Calendar with your drop

A drop is a name for the digital artwork that you submit as an NFT on internet markets.

The NFT calendar, the first calendar on the market where the top NFT drops from multiple markets are aggregated in one place, is one of the best free methods to promote your new release.

You can easily add your artwork to this calendar in just a few minutes.

Utilize social media

This action is obvious. Once your drop has gone live, you need to let your fans know about it on Twitter, Instagram, YouTube, and other social media sites.

The greatest way to spread the word about your creative work is to use the networks you currently use, but even a simple Facebook post may give you a boost.

Use your email database

You have an email list for this same reason, right?

Make a catchy teaser and advertise it online

Make sure you have a catchy teaser prepared before you even publish your artwork.

The ideal video teaser would reveal the theme of your NFT project while maintaining the suspense.

Make it stand out

Each marketplace has its own set of regulations, although most of them offer a page or area just for highlighted NFTs.

You can make it to the highlighted page if you do your research and produce outstanding content.

Additionally, markets will advertise your NFTs on social media if they land in the highlighted drops.

Open a discussion on Reddit, Bitcointalk, or Twitter

Starting a thread is another approach to increasing interest in your digital work.

In the networks of people who are already interested in this subject, you can discover the most loyal followers.

Look for a newsletter

Don’t be afraid to get in touch with NFT platforms and aficionados; many of them have their own newsletters.

You will probably have to pay to get your NFT published in a well-known newsletter, but consider all the people who will view your work of art!

Contact NFT communities

On Twitter and Instagram, there are a lot of well-known NFT groups that will promote your artwork in exchange for a little payment.

Look for an influencer

Finding an influencer with a devoted following interested in cryptocurrency is another compensated alternative.

Create one yourself or purchase one

Another effective technique to market your digital items is through writing content. Find a writer who can create enticing text for you to advertise your NFT if you are not a writer.

Work along with others

For more visibility, think of collaborating with other artists, fashion companies, celebrities, blogs, animation studios, and musicians.

Make your own collection

Purchasing NFT artwork made by other artists is a fantastic way to begin establishing your identity and creating a community in the NFT universe.

Hold a contest

Another powerful strategy to get more attention is a gift. To increase online shares and followers, think about giving away an NFT that is going to be included in a collection.

About the author

Murtuza Merchant is an avid follower of blockchain, crypto and NFTs.

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