Meet a 7-year-old who has taken the NFT space by storm

September 13, 2022

By Anjali Kochhar

Marcus, a seven-year-old boy from Toronto, Canada, had developed a love for drawing apes. His parents encouraged him to continue as they could see how much he enjoyed it. Later, with family support, he went on to launch his NFT (non-fungible tokens) collection. The collection went live Thursday (September 8) at midnight (UTC).

When his parents started noticing the increasing quantity and steadily improving quality of his art, they suggested selecting the best ones and form a collection. Marcus agreed, intending to share an art collection others could appreciate, and that could inspire those who also enjoy drawing.

Early in 2022, Marcus and his parents began selecting their favourite pieces from the large set of drawings.

Marcus’ father was eager to find the ideal means to distribute his sons’ work. Since he works as a software engineer, he was naturally keen on leveraging NFT technology to handle the sale and trading mechanics of the collection.

Once the family agreed on the technology, Marcus’ mother helped him determine and apply a set of cohesive traits to each piece of art to help buyers browse through the collection and understand what each piece of art depicts.

Today the family has curated the final collection of 1,000 apes (and monkeys, Marcus points out) which they have accurately named “Marcus Draw More Apes”.

The Twitter account (@MarcusDrawMore) that the father set up in early September already has over 25k followers, highlighting the high excitement throughout the community for this project.

One of Marcus’ older cousins who trades NFTs explains that very few collections consist entirely of 1-of-1 art pieces with consistent traits assigned to each, something MDMA touts as one of its core value propositions.

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