Metagood Raises $5 Million to Expand Osura’s Bitcoin Art Marketplace

December 19, 2023

By Anjali Kochhar

According to a press statement given to Bitcoin Magazine, Metagood, a blockchain technology and digital assets firm, announced the successful conclusion of a $5 million series seed investment round aimed at growing its Osura marketplace, centered on art inside the Bitcoin ecosystem.

According to Danny Yang, CEO of Metagood, “Osura is starting a ground-breaking partnership with artists to preserve their works on Bitcoin, the blockchain known for unmatched security and longevity.” They have been working on Bitcoin for more than ten years, and they are really excited about the opportunities that the simple, elegant, and potent Ordinals protocol presents.”

Leading investors including ACTAI Ventures, Bitcoin Frontier Fund, UTXO Management, London Real Ventures, and participated in the series seed round, which was led by Sora Ventures.

As a component of Metagood’s broader $10 million financing effort, this funding milestone ushers in a new chapter in advancing Osura’s development of new technologies and product developments. With the integration of art, technology, and community involvement in the Bitcoin digital asset marketplace, Metagood seeks to revolutionize industry norms.

“Meta Good is leading the Ordinals market and establishing the gold standard for technological innovation,” says Jason Fang, Sora Ventures’ Founder and Managing Partner. It is the firm belief of Sora Ventures that Bitcoin will become the home for the most precious digital artifacts. Not only is winning the round for Metagood an opportunity, but it also demonstrates our unshakeable faith in the Ordinals space.

To support client and user growth, the capital infusion will support the company’s efforts to develop relationships with artists, advance technology advancements on Osura and broaden its talent pool in engineering and marketing.

The company’s chief operating officer, Amanda Terry, said, “With this additional funding, Metagood is poised to further solidify our standing as an industry leader in premium digital artifacts and elevate the Osura marketplace to new heights.” The time is right, they think, to expand the staff and further this dedication to innovation on Bitcoin as they negotiate the dynamic terrain that precedes the halving of Bitcoin in April 2024.

About the author

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