Next Earth launches the world’s first Metaverse Land Gift Card

November 29, 2022

By Anjali Kochhar

Next Earth, one of the biggest Metaverses in the world and the first one in Web3 being on the exact copy of planet Earth has launched the world’s first Metaverse Land Gift Card.

The new product enables any person or business to easily enter the metaverse and become a landowner by simply purchasing a land voucher. Next Earth’s goal with its Earth-based web3 Metaverse’s unique structure and technical solutions are to make it possible for anybody to enter the web3 ecosystem without any technical knowledge of it, whilst immediately getting connected to this new field of opportunities.

The Next Earth Metaverse Gift Card is available for businesses and users directly on the website of Next Earth and will also be distributed by popular e-marketplace portals worldwide.

The gift card makes it possible to buy any available tile(s) in the Next Earth metaverse for the value of the voucher. All bought lands on Next Earth can be minted as an NFT.

“Our vision is to open up the metaverse to everybody, by making it accessible and affordable. We are building a complex and equitable ecosystem on Next Earth, in which every user will be able to benefit from the values created on the platform. With the recently launched Metaverse Land Gift Card we aim to onboard a massive number of new users” – says Gabor Rétfalvi, CEO of Next Earth.

“Owning land on Next Earth brings endless possibilities thanks to the developments which will be rolled out until the end of the year. Users will be able to link their metaverse lands to their existing website, they will be able to build their own businesses on them, or even create a brand-new layer on the surface of Earth. Businesses and influencers can also profit from the fact that the form of our metaverse is directly linked to the real Earth” – he added.

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