Popular NFT brand Robotos is Launching a Robopolis Metaverse

July 28, 2022

By Murtuza Merchant

Robotos NFT collection features randomly generated droids with more than 170 traits. Robotos, the NFT brand with 10,000 digital collectibles, is launching a metaverse experience – a city called Robopolis.

Among the spaces and activities of the Robopolis metaverse for collectors is MoRA, the Museum of Robotos Art, which has various halls where visitors can enjoy a permanent collection of iconic pieces of Robotos Art History like Robolobsters–a collection in collaboration with Philip Colbert, a prominent contemporary artist, or Robotos Genesis, featuring the original sketches of Robotos and Robopets NFT collections.
The MoRA will also have temporary exhibitions, talks, and cultural events that are open monthly with special events just for Roboto collectors. Their first temporary exhibition will be open in late August and will showcase the art of TIME Pieces artists.

Other features include a Robotos Workshop where all the upgrades for Robotos and Robopets will be done and a cinema where collectors will enjoy original content from Robotos or other NFT brands.

In the Robopolis, collectors will be able to garnish their Robotos with seasonal activities and treatments at the Beauty Salon, while a colorful candy shop will have digital treats and candies for different occasions.

Speaking with NFTMetta.com, Pablo Stanley, the creator of Robotos said the idea of silly Robotos has been conceptualized to create a world that feels alive, where people could keep exploring.

“This is the beginning of a world where people build a place where they belong. We believe in allowing people to create their own little space independently, without external management. When you have an opportunity to do creative work under your own control, especially if it’s tied to a community, it’s the best thing to do,” Stanley said.

He added that it was always an aspiration of his to bring characters to life and create a universe around them and that Robopolis will give the community a space of belonging, where they can hang out and have meaningful experiences in all the events and activations we are planning for the following months.

Stanley is also developing a children’s animated show for TV with TIME Studios, an Emmy Award-winning television and film studio part of TIME Magazine. He’s the CEO of Bueno, a set of no-code tools for NFT creators to generate NFT collections and deploy smart contracts quickly.
He said he has previously created open-source illustrations used by millions of people around the world like Open Peeps, Humaaans, Avataaars, Buttts, Bottts, and Open Doodles.

Some Robopolis activities are open to the public, while others are token gated, the latter of which aims to create a vibrant and beautiful place to spend time with other Robotos. Blockchain technology will also enable this world to have wearables and jobs and create an economy.

Bueno, the startup powering the Blockchain technology of this 2D metaverse, also has plans to enable wearables, and games, and allow users to create their economies. Some future expansions will include a piece of land for every Roboto, where collectors could bring to life their own stories by building spaces.

“Don’t let the playful and quirky look of Robotos’ metaverse fool you. This is one of the top-notch experiences in the Web3 ecosystems, with remarkable excellence in art and design,” Stanley said.

The Robotos NFT collection features randomly generated droids with cute faces and searing, very edgy metal digital fashion.

The Robotos collection features over 170 traits, ranging in rarity from common to super rare. It has one of the most loyal communities in the NFT space, with a family-friendly atmosphere that appeals to and inspires all ages.

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