Q&A: Wilson Bright, Co-Founder of BlockSurvey, a leading Web 3 data collection platform

March 21, 2024

By Anjali Kochhar

In an exclusive interview with NFTMetta’s Anjali Kochhar, Wilson Bright, co-founder of BlockSurvey, a platform tailored for Web 3 companies, explains how his company is addressing unique challenges in data collection and privacy, and how it is making a difference in the Web 3 domain. The platform seamlessly integrates with decentralized ecosystems, offering advantages in data management and security. Through case studies, it’s shown how Web 3 companies enhance data collection while prioritizing privacy and compliance with relevant regulations. BlockSurvey supports decentralized autonomous organizations (DAOs) and other Web 3 entities in fostering trust and transparency within their communities.

Q: Can you explain how BlockSurvey specifically caters to Web 3 companies and what unique challenges or needs in data collection and privacy it addresses for this audience?

A: BlockSurvey is designed to align with data collection for Web 3 companies. We address the specific challenges of data sovereignty and user privacy by leveraging blockchain technology to allow our users to own and control their data fully. Our platform facilitates Web 3 focused use cases like building allowlist, whitelist, waitlist, token-gated forms, and token-gated surveys to share a few.

Q: How does BlockSurvey utilize blockchain technology to enhance security and ensure data ownership for Web 3 companies and their respondents?

A: BlockSurvey uses Bitcoin for identity and wallet and uses its public key for end-to-end encryption of data. This ensures that the data is tamper-proof and only accessible to those with permission, preventing unauthorized access and ensuring full data ownership for Web 3 companies.

Q: Could you elaborate on the significance of end-to-end encryption in BlockSurvey’s platform and how it contributes to the privacy-centric approach for Web 3 companies?

A: End-to-end encryption is at the core of BlockSurvey’s commitment to privacy. It ensures that data is encrypted from the moment it’s collected until it’s decrypted by the data owner, preventing any third-party interference and making it a robust solution for privacy-focused Web 3 companies.

Q: How does BlockSurvey seamlessly integrate with decentralized ecosystems, and what advantages does this integration offer to Web 3 companies in terms of data management and security?

A: BlockSurvey integrates smoothly with various networks and crypto wallets for collecting verified identities on forms & surveys. Also enabling token-gated forms & surveys.

Q: Can you provide examples of how Web 3 companies have leveraged BlockSurvey to enhance their data collection practices while prioritizing privacy and security for both themselves and their respondents?

A: You can read case studies here: https://blocksurvey.io/#case-studies

Q: In what ways does BlockSurvey empower Web 3 companies to maintain compliance with relevant data protection regulations and standards, given the evolving landscape of privacy laws?

A: BlockSurvey is SOC2 and HIPAA compliant today. Enabling businesses to be compliant with data protection practices.

Q: How does BlockSurvey support the growing trend of decentralized autonomous organizations (DAOs) and other Web 3 entities in their data collection efforts, particularly in fostering trust and transparency with their communities?

A: DAOs and other Web 3 entities leverage BlockSurvey to conduct surveys and polls, make decisions, and gather community insights. It helps them build engaging communities.

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