Spot Bitcoin ETFs to attract US$14.4bn in inflows in the first year, says digital asset firm darwinbit’s Jin

January 15, 2024

Digital asset firm darwinbit’s Chief Marketing Officer and Spokesperson Kimberly Jin spoke to NFTMetta’s Tsering Namgyal about the potential implications of the Securities Exchange Commission’s approval of spot Bitcoin ETFs.

Q: Will there be a potential shift in investor sentiment following the acknowledgement of limitations in Bitcoin’s surge?

A: Analysts from Standard Chartered, Galaxy, and Corestone have predicted that the spot Bitcoin ETF will open the gates to over $1 billion in inflow just over the first quarter. And in the coming years, this figure will snowball into the trillions as cryptocurrencies mature as an investment class.

On the other end of the spectrum, there have been analysts who are pivoting their thesis on the fact that the ETF issuers will be required to purchase billions of dollars in Bitcoin to accommodate institutional demand, which will lead to a radical imbalance in supply and demand.

Q: How genuine ETF inflows are needed for unlocking Bitcoin’s full potential?

A: According to a research note by crypto fund Galaxy Digital, spot bitcoin (BTC) exchange-traded funds (ETFs) have the potential to attract a minimum of $14.4 billion in inflows during their first year of issuance.

The accessibility of ETFs is highlighted as a key factor, offering a more direct and regulated investment avenue that broadens access to a larger investor population, including retail and affluent individuals.

In terms of regulation, approval from the U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) for a Bitcoin ETF could address safety and compliance concerns for investors by providing a regulated investment product with comprehensive risk disclosure, such regulatory clarity is not only beneficial for investors but also for market participants, fostering a more developed regulatory framework that, in turn, attracts increased investment and development.

Q: Will the approval of the spot Bitcoin ETF set a precedent and lead to the creation of ETFs for other altcoins such as ETH?

A: Now that the industry has over 11 spot Bitcoin ETF approvals, the competition in this space is intensifying, with multiple issuers reducing fees to drive investments. It is highly likely that this would lead to a noticeable shift in the spotlight towards Ethereum (ETH) ETFs as major fund management firms such as Fidelity and BlackRock having recently submitted applications for a spot Ethereum ETF.

On top of that, this shift towards altcoins is a natural progression for investors and institutions as the interest in the cryptocurrency market continues to grow. This indicates the accelerating demand for exposure and diversification within the maturing cryptocurrency market and investment options beyond Bitcoin.

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