The 10 Most Expensive Cryptopunks in 2022

August 17, 2022

By Murtuza Merchant

The costliest Cryptopunks in 2022 NFTs rank among the most expensive collectibles available.

But what kind of price are collectors prepared to pay for an uncommon punk NFT avatar?

The collection, which Yuga Labs took over after Larva Labs began it, is now the most enduring in NFT history.

Many even refer to it as the first PFP initiative.

Though not quite accurate, it is the first non-fungible token to have such a devoted fanbase.

To clarify, after the Bored Ape Yacht Club, Cryptopunks are the hottest celebrity holdings when it comes to NFTs.

The numbers are astounding as of this writing: the most expensive Cryptopunk NFT sold for more than $20 million.

Given that these NFTs were free to mint when they were introduced, this pricing is even more unexpected.

Is CryptoPunk #9998 the most expensive NFT ever purchased?

A scan of the collection’s transactions reveals the sale of Punk #9998 for $530 million.

But don’t let it deceive you! This ostensible transaction was nothing more than a brilliant advertising gimmick.

Using two digital wallets, the NFT holder essentially sold the digital asset to himself. Therefore, it isn’t a real sale.

It’s time to show the most expensive Punk NFTs together with their characteristics, purchasers, and other details in light of this.

Which Cryptopunk NFTs cost the most in 2022?

1. The costliest CryptoPunks NFT, #5822, cost $23.58 million

Deepak Thapliyal, CEO of the software business Chain, paid a stunning $23.58 million for Punk #5822 back in February.

There are really only 9 NFTs like the digital avatar in the collection, making it an extremely rare Alien Punk.

Furthermore, only 5% of the collectibles share the bandana that the avatar is sporting.

2. $10.35 million for CryptoPunk #4156

The Bandana characteristic is also worn by the second most costly Cryptopunks NFT.

This 0.24% Ape Punk was one of the 2,500 ETH sales made in December 2021.

Less than a third of the NFT’s current price was paid when it was first offered for sale at 650 ETH.

3. $7.82 million for CryptoPunk #5577

In February, this punk sold for a hefty 2,501 ETH, and with good cause.

The avatar is not just an Ape but also sporting a Cowboy Hat.

Accordingly, the Cowboy Hat is present on just 1% of CryptoPunks NFTs.

In fact, Punk collectibles seldom have hats, and our next NFT on the list also features one.

4. $7.56 million for CryptoPunk #7804

Cap Forward is a trait that this Alien Punk shares with 3% of the other collectibles.

The avatar also possesses Small Shades and a Pipe, two uncommon characteristics for CryptoPunks NFTs.

But it’s not simply the rarity. These qualities are all highly compatible in terms of design.

No matter how uncommon a PFP collectible is, this element may significantly increase its value.

5. $7.51 million for CryptoPunk #3100

The third Alien Punk NFT on our list is this one.

It belongs to the 4% of digital items that have the Headband feature.

On March 11th, 2021, the NFT was sold for a price of 4,200 ETH.

The most costly CryptoPunks also include a Zombie if Alien Punks aren’t your thing.

6. $6.64 million for CryptoPunk #8857

Another amazing set of characteristics is found in this punk NFT.

The digital asset has wild hair and 3D glasses, both of which suit a zombie.

Zombie collectibles are extremely scarce than Aliens because they make up only 0.88% of the total.

It makes sense that the current owner of this pricey CryptoPunk NFT spent 2,000 ETH for it.

7. $5.44 million for CryptoPunk #5217

If you believe that zombies and aliens are uncommon, consider the fact that just 0.24% of CryptoPunks are apes.

This NFT also sports a gold chain and an orange knit cap.

This amazing Punk NFT consequently sold for 2,250 ETH on July 30th, 2017, amid the NFT boom.

8. $5.33 million for CryptoPunk #7252

In August 2021, the 8th most expensive Zombie CryptoPunks NFT on the list sold for 1,600 ETH.

It has a chinstrap, gold earrings, and Crazy Hair.

These characteristics complement one another visually, raising the collectible’s value.

As a result of their scarcity, Zombie Punks are typically more costly than other collectibles.

9. $5.11 million for CryptoPunk #6275

Unexpectedly, Pranksy was the one who had this thing.

However, the well-known collector sold it the following day for 1,319 ETH.

The Shadow Beard and Mohawk Dark accessory on the Punk NFT’s characteristics are both excellent choices for a Zombie.

10. $4.35 million on CryptoPunk #2338

Both, #2338 and #7275 collections have Mohawk Thin accessories on zombies, however, this one is missing the beard.

Nevertheless, Punk #2338 sold in August 2021 for a staggering 1,500 ETH.

There were three prior owners of the digital asset, however, none of those sales were for more than 3.5 ETH.

Should you spend money on CryptoPunks NFTs?

Among the most valuable (and reliable) NFT collections is without a doubt CryptoPunks.

The floor price has, of course, decreased several times in the past.

For instance, when the BAYC momentarily switched CryptoPunks’ floor price to 53.9 ETH in January, it was still just 52.69 ETH.

However, currently, the floor price for the collection is 74.68 ETH.

Additionally, a few of the most well-known musicians, NFT whales, and celebrities proudly possess CryptoPunks NFTs.

It is worthwhile to research the priciest CryptoPunks NFTs.

Depending on your financial situation, these collectibles might provide a sizable return in the long run.

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