The best AI tools for NFT art

December 30, 2022

By Murtuza Merchant

In order to find the finest options for your NFT art, we tested a wide range of AI art generators. 

We applied the identical prompt to each AI generator in order to provide a fair comparison. A King with spaghetti on his feet was prompt. 

To test the capabilities of the art generators, we tried to make them as bizarre as we could. 

Here are our best choices for AI art generators!

NightCafe: A Simple AI Art Generator

NightCafe is the best option if you’re seeking an easy-to-use AI art generator. The application includes AI capabilities from other AI tools as well as a tonne of algorithms and art-generation features. 

Since there is no registration needed to use NightCafe, getting started is really simple. Enter your text prompt, pick a style, and start writing!

Three styles are available on NightCafe’s first page: “NightCafe,” “Artistic Portrait,” and “Bon Voyage.” Naturally, we tried all three with the same request.

When your creation is complete, you click “view creation.” Then, using the image you already have as a starting image and adjusting the settings, you can decide to “develop” your work (however, for these capabilities, you must enter the “Advanced” options). 

Simply select a creative method when creating a new image if you wish to start over. Options include “Coherent,” “Stable Diffusion,” and DALLE 2. Enter your prompt once more to create your artwork. You can make a staggering amount of photos from a single question because there are more than 25 different styles to pick from.

NightCafe Pricing: To produce using NightCafe, you need credits. You may make more photos the more credits you have. Each day, you are given five free credits. Additionally, you can earn credits by participating in the community. You can also purchase credits. The cost of $100 in credits is $9.99 USD.

Artbreeder’s photorealistic art maker

One of the best AI art generators is called Artbreeder

To be clear, Artbreeder employs AI to improve image quality, produce several variations of your photo, and produce visuals from the text. 

With Artbreeder, you may use the “Splicer” tool to make various variations of a single image and the “Collage” tool to build artificial intelligence (AI) graphics from text input.

The fact that Artbreeder includes thousands of illustrations is a significant feature. These images can be combined to make an entirely new work of art. You may also combine your work with an existing Artbreeder artwork by remixing it with your own image.

DALLE 2 is the best free AI tool

DALLE 2 is probably the most well-known AI generator on the market. A word prompt is used by DALLE 2 to generate realistic visuals and artwork. The system is really easy to use; just write in your ideas, and the system will produce the artwork immediately! 

In addition, DALLE 2 outputs four images for each question rather than just one.

StarryAI is the best art generator for NFTs

Now for the essential part: how do you use an AI art generator to make NFTs? The AI art generator StarryAI is committed to generating NFT artwork from your ideas. 

Enter your prompt in text, just like with other art generators, to start generating. StarryAI is particularly suited to NFT creation because of how much stylistic flexibility it offers. Y

You can choose the preferred art style, for instance, from selections like Anime Portrait, Digital Art, Graphic Pencil Drawing, and more. Enter the adjectives you want to use, such as “polished,” “futuristic,” or “heat wave,” after that. 

You can also decide to copy the style of another artist, specify an art trend, and input the media (political cartoon, oil on canvas, etc.). We were able to produce 8 artworks from one prompt using a free profile.

AI Art Generator From Text Prompt: Stable Diffusion

Stable Diffusion, an AI art generator, was created by Stability AI. This generator not only creates images from the text but also from other images using cutting-edge AI technology. 

Stable Diffusion generates four images from a single stimulus, just like DALLE 2. The photographs that are produced are of astonishing quality.

About the author

Murtuza Merchant is a senior journalist and an avid writer of blockchain and cryptocurrencies.

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