The Design of Ecosystem SDG#4 (Knowledge Transfer) / #5 Gender Equality and #9 Innovations–Female Content Creators Community with NFT/ Web 3.0 as Service

July 26, 2023

By Dr. Shirley Yeung

Despite the hype of NFT, one aspect of NFT that remains relatively unexplored is the utilization of NFTs for social good. In fact, NFT are a powerful decentralized tool to raise money and facilitate collective giving, not only for charitable causes but also for socio-entrepreneurial activities, in particular those involving circular economy concepts. NFTs can conceptualize and implement UN Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) and environmental projects by making good use of digital assets to upcycle its format for humanitarian initiatives with blockchain for transparency.

In 2023, Dr. Yeung and Mr. Samson Lee collaborated to launch HopeNFT, a program dedicated to encouraging and developing projects that implement SDGs and social good, by enhancing and empowering their fundraising abilities and enabling them to expand their communities through eco-friendly (low emission) NFTs and leveraging the latest Web3 technologies. For example, many projects for SDG & Social Goods are driven by Passionate Individuals who do not have good connection with major NGOs; Current Philanthropy Sector is not Transparent; Lack of Tools for Tracking Use of Proceed..etc. For more details, see

Fringe Club, HK.
Dr. Shirley Yeung with Samson Lee (left).

In addition, a panel “Restore the Nature with Innovations via SDGs and ESG’ was convened by Dr. Shirley Yeung including a joint solo exhibition with SYART Founder – Mr. Song Yang in the Fringe Club, Chan Lai-Ling Gallery, Hong Kong, July 24th to Aug. 3, 2023.

Dr. Shirley Yeung’s Chinese Calligraphy drawings/ expressive drawings and Bad Girl paintings of renowned art entrepreneur, Mr. Song Yang with 16 years of history of SYART Gallery have demonstrated the integration of SDG#5 Gender Equality, SDG#9 innovations, and SDG #17 partnership to support young female artists to have more exposure in technology, for example, NFT and web 3.0 as services supported by HopeNFT, iSHANG.

(Photo left – Poster of Exhibition, Fringe Club, Hong Kong July 24 – August 3, 2023)
See website for more details :

(Photo right – Author 4th from left and renowned Art Entrepreneur Song Yang 3rd from left and female artists, SYART Gallery)

Most people think that environmental issues are related to SDG. Currently, there is a lack of social perspective to link up with business elements for a country to develop with talent development and resources reallocation with landscape planning – a 3rd space may be possible for impact.

The use of physical space with virtual space in NFT/ web3.0 as service from HopeNFT helps to re-allocate resources effectively and efficiently for content creators with technological support for SDG#9 Innovations to empower women with research publications for knowledge transfer SDG#4.7 (, SDG5 and SDG10: 10.2

“By 2030, empower and promote the social, economic and political inclusion of all, irrespective of age, sex, disability, race, ethnicity, origin, religion or economic or other status”.

The project was mentioned by the United Nations Sustainable Development website (see here

About the author

In 2023, Dr. Yeung was nominated as Local Change Maker by The International Center for Environmental Development and Community Education (ICENECDEV), UN Global Compact Member. In the same year, Dr. Yeung awarded International #Time2Leap Award Winner, SDG Acceleration Visionary Leader from MSME Summentorpro, recognized by the Ministry of India. Starting from July 2023, Dr. Yeung is a residence artist, Boomer Gallery, London, UK, and her paintings have been selected to display in the Boomer Gallery, London, July 7, 2023. In March 2023, Dr. Yeung was shortlisted to display teaching / painting exhibition templates and Chinese calligraphy paintings on the Project of “Restore the Nature with Innovations via SDGs/ ESG” in the United Nations UNESCAP 75 SDG Acceleration Pavilion, Bangkok. In 2022, Dr. Yeung was a winner for the 8th Young Asia Artist (YAA) SYART Gallery, Singapore, Top 40/1500.


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