With NFTs, VoxelCrazyHeads Connects the Real World to the Metaverse

December 1, 2022

By Murtuza Merchant

With the VoxelCrazyHeads, game creator and NFT enthusiast Veronika Varkova connects the physical world to the metaverse.

The huge Metaspace.game platform can be accessed by anyone with one of these 10,000 avatars.

The platform seeks to turn actual places into digital experiences that can then be translated into actual life situations!

What Is The VoxelCrazyHeads NFT?

10,000 NFTs make up the VoxelCrazyHeads collection. Each head in this collection serves as a login for the Metaspace.game website.

After minting, the head transforms into a fully functional 3D avatar, which is the collector’s main tool for exploring the enormous metaverse forming above the project.

“Our main objective is to integrate all cutting-edge services and technologies into a unified virtual environment.

We will mix everything from stores to banking to online movie theatres to social networks to delivery services, training, entertainment, and competitions. Founder Veronika Varkova says this.

Allowlist subscribers must pay 0.05 ETH, while the general public must pay 0.09 ETH.

The platform focuses on placing virtual representations of physical locations and objects in strategic locations where users may engage, exchange, buy, sell, or trade them for physical experiences.

For instance, if a collector wanted to buy a building lot or an apartment in one of Singapore’s skyscrapers. After logging into Metaspace, the collector can view the apartment and building in real time and reserve it based on their preferences.

Let’s say the structure takes part in the “metaspace digital copy” programme, and a digital copy is stored in the database. 

In that situation, potential purchasers can tour the flats and even see them inside.

Metaverse Jobs, Land, and Wearables

Additionally, in-metaverse product purchases are a goal of the VoxelCrazyHeads NFT project. Plans to hire an Avatar consultant for this are also in the works.

Users will join Metaspace.game, visit, say, a shoe store, and select their footwear from there. After consulting with the avatar consultant in-store and receiving payment, the sneakers are delivered to collectors in person!

Participants will be able to locate legitimate employment in the virtual world using this strategy.

On the platform, there will likewise be only virtual assets. You could, for instance, purchase a virtual plot of land and put a house on it. You’ll be able to resell this residence in the future to another avatar who wants it. Renting buildings, retail space, robots, weapons, and other assets is also an option.

The Metaspace Game: What Is It?

There are quests and other activities available in the open metaverse of The Metaspace Game. History in the metaverse starts at the “C-101” spacecraft launch site.

The narrative centres on a guy who created the first rockets that assisted in colonising Mars.

The game’s narrative starts here and involves numerous quests and adventures for its avatars.

The building of the “Cradle 3252” martian high-tech city is another key aspect of the game.

Six connected islands make up the system known as “Cradle 3252,” which is encircled by a man-made sea.

The entire town is also covered by a huge dome. The metaverse’s centre is located in this city.

About the author

Murtuza Merchant is a senior journalist and an avid follower of blockchain and cryptocurrencies.

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