World’s First NFT Marketplace for Black and Ethnically Diverse Creators is Launched

By Anjali Kochhar

MNFTM has announced the launch of its new premier Web3 NFT marketplace and platform for Black and ethnically diverse creators and collectors globally – MNFTM.

According to the company, with a vision to create an NFT marketplace and community that thrives in diversity and brings light to creators from all backgrounds, MNFTM is revolutionizing the NFT space with the first-ever platform that represents truly distinctive perspectives in the evolving digital economy.

Ed Ukaonu, founder and CEO of the project explains, “We sought out to create an NFT marketplace and community that enables black and ethnically diverse creators globally to participate and thrive in this new digital economy. To showcase their exceptional masterpieces to the world by empowering and positioning them with the right tools in this new digital economy, Web 3.0.”

The MNFTM platform will leverage the metaverse to allow for customer interaction and provide a range of services including minting, marketing, curation, pricing recommendations, and portfolio tracking.

The initial focus will be centered around art, music, video, and collectibles from diverse creators, said the statement.

Aiming to empower artists and provide collectors with education and unique experiences, MNFTM is committed to representing and empowering creators from diverse backgrounds around the world.

The business model of this NFT marketplace is focused on providing a full-service experience to both artists/creators and collectors/holders. This includes offering mentorship and guidance to artists, as well as education and guidance to collectors.

The business also plans to create a virtual art gallery and amphitheater in the “Comearth” metaverse to showcase creators and provide collectors with special experiences, such as exclusive art events.

The goal of this approach is to secure retention on both ends, by providing a comprehensive and personalized experience for both artists and collectors. Special pricing and airdrops are offered for high-end collectors, and special passes to exclusive events in the Metaverse or in real life are available.

MNFTM’s core mission in creating such a platform is to empower artists by bringing them closer to fans and customers, leveraging the platform and the Metaverse to allow clients and customers to interact no matter their physical location.

About the author

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